Black Pudding Croquette

  • Internationaal,
  • 20-30 min.
  • Geplaatst op 18-09-1999

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Ingrediënten 4 personen
225g (8oz) Clonakilty black pudding peeled & roughly chopped
7 6 spring onions
7 2 sweet red peppers trimmed and finely chopped
7 & cut into 1cm dice
7 150g potatoes, cooked & mashed
7 2 tablesp. Dijon mustard
7 2 tablesp. malt vinegar
7 Salt & freshly ground pepper
7 About 225g flour
7 4 eggs
7 225g fresh white breadcrumbs
7 Oil for frying
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In a food processor, blend the roughly chopped peeled black pudding, spring onions, red peppers, potatoes mustard and vinegar. Season to taste and mould the mixture into cylindrical shapes about 5cm long, roll in flour, then beaten eggs and finally the breadcrumbs. Shallow fry in plenty of hot oil until golden brown, drain on kitchen paper and keep warm.
Meanwhile, dissolve the sugar in the water and bring up to the boil to make a syrup, then add the gooseberries and cook gently for 10 minutes, until soft.
Strain off excess juice, then arrange the warm compote on heated serving plates with the reserved croquettes and a small salad garnish.

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