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  • Kip Tandoori

    Kip Tandoori

    Kip Tandoori

Sinfully Spicy says:

The most popular dish from the Indian subcontinent which is relished the world over. Tandoori chicken is known for its vibrant orange color, the aromatic spices and the tender texture of chicken. The chicken can be marinated a day in advance and can be roasted, broiled or grilled just before serving.

Marinating the chicken in yogurt along with a lots of spices & then slowly cooking in an evenly distributed temperature, makes it aromatic & tender on inside and the high temperatures of the oven /grill give it a crispy texture outside.The grilled option also infuses a smokiness which makes the flavor almost similar to the tandoor cooked version. Since I do not own a tandoor, I normally use my broiler to cook the chicken and it comes out wonderful every time.

The first time I made it I used the orange food color because I was trying to make it appear restaurant like. But after that I stopped using food color and lived with it.

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1.5 lb skinless chicken drumsticks
1 tbsp canola oil for brushing

Slices of red (Spanish) onion, tomato and lemon, for garnish

For the Tandoori Paste/Marinade:

3/4 cup plain yogurt
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp Red chili powder (as per taste)
1 tsp oil
1.5 tsp dry coriander powder
1.5 tsp fresh garlic paste
1.5 tsp fresh ginger paste
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
2 tsp dry fenugreek leaves
1/2 tsp ground cumin powder
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
Salt to taste
Few drops of orange food color

Note: This tandoori paste is readily available in indian grocery stores under the name "Tandoori Masala".You can also buy it instead of preparing at home.
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Wash the chicken pieces thoroughly & pat dry with a paper towel.
Make incisions with a sharp knife on thick parts of the chicken pieces deep enough to reach the bone.
Apply a mixture one tablespoon lemon juice and salt over the chicken and set aside for half an hour.
For the marinade, tie up yogurt in a piece of muslin /cheese cloth and hang over a bowl for fifteen to twenty minutes.
Remove the thick yogurt into another bowl. Beat the yogurt for about 2 minutes to remove all lumps .Add the remaining ingredients of the marinade to the yogurt and mix well.
Rub this marinade over the chicken pieces.Put the chicken pieces and marinade in a bowl ,cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and marinate overnight or for at least 6-7 hours in a refrigerator.

It is important to season the chicken thoroughly with salt.If you feel that the salt is slightly more in the marinade , don`t worry because with the cooked chicken it will taste just fine.


For cooking , you can do any one of the following:

1) This is what I do: Preheat the oven at 450 F broiler mode.Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and arrange the chicken pieces on it.Brush the marinated chicken pieces with oil/butter. Tip the sheet inside the oven on top rack and cook for about 22-25 minutes flipping it after 15 minutes till chicken is done but still tender.You may get some burnt marks on the chicken but that`s okay! If you want smoky flavor, do this : After the chicken is done,take a small bowl and light a little piece of charcoal in it.Tranfer the chicken to a big bowl and in between,place the small bowl with charcoal and cover with a aluminium foil for about 5 minutes.This will infuse the chicken with smoky flavor.Be very careful doing this.Take care that there should be no vivible flame on the charcoal piece,only fumes!

2) Grill and cook the chicken for 20 minutes till done and but still tender.

3) Bake it in the oven for 25-30 minutes at 400F, turning and basting with oil.

Pierce the chicken with toothpick/fork to check if it is done.



Serve with mint & coriander chutney, onion rings, lemon wedges and sliced tomatoes. You can sprinkle some chaat masala also if you want.

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