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My name is angela and i was born in a small village known as Earlstown in Lancashire, England.(see article) The town has a lot of history dating back to as early as 55BC.I am a qualified Civil and environmental engineer,gaining my degree at Newcastle upon Tyne University.I have now been living in the Netherlands for 6 years.I am happily married with lia for nearly 3 years ( smulpagina van meishka). I love all kinds of animals and have myself 4 cats and 2 dogs, 8 tropical fish and a pond. Momentarily i am busy setting up my own dog trimming business and teaching myself webdesign so that i can help my brother.I have dedicated this page to my dad who was a fond lover of good old traditonal british eating, from england,scotland and wales.

Over thelittlechef  Stuur een bericht
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