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In dit artikel aan overzicht van de computer symbolen en emoties. Emoticon/Message

:-) Humor

:-):-( Masks theatrical comments

:<) For those with hairy lips

:) Smile

:( Frown

:<)= For those with beards, too

:/) Not funny

'-) Wink

P-) Pirate

;-) Wink II

(@@) You're kidding!

:-" Pursing lips

:-v Another face (speaking), side


:-V Another face (shouting), side


:-w Speak with forked tongue

:-W Shout with forked tongue

:-r Bleahhh! (sticking tongue out)



:-1 Smirk

:-, Smirk II

<:-O Eeek!

:-* Oops! (covering mouth with hand)

:x I'm not talking

:-T Keeping a straight face


:-D Said with a smile



:-o More shouting

:-O Still more shouting

:-{ Count Dracula

=|:-)= Uncle Sam

7:) Reagan

:-# Censored

:~i Smoking

:Q Smoking II

:~j Smoking and smiling

:/i No smoking

:-I It's something, but I don't know


:* Kiss

:-x Kiss,kiss

:-> Another happy face

:-( Unhappy

:-c Really unhappy

:-C Unbelieving (jaw dropped)

:-< Forlorn

:-B Drooling (or overbite)

:-| Disgusted

:/ Cry

:D Laugh

%-) Confuse

:-? Licking your lips

<:>== A turkey

:-):-):-) A loud guffaw

:-J Tongue-in-cheek comments

:*) Clowning around

:-8 Talking out of both sides of your


(:-) Messages dealing with bicycle


@= Warning about nuclear war

<:-) For dumb questions

o= A burning candle

-= A doused candle

OO Headlights on a message

:_) I used to be a boxer, but it really

got my nose out of joint

B-) Batman

B-| Michael Keaton's Batman

#:-) Someone with matted hair

:-o "Oh, nooooo!" (ala Mr. Bill)

#:-o Mr. Bill II

|-( Late night messages

:-^) Messages teasing people about their


:-{#} Messages teasing people about their


(:-$ Ill

(:-& Angry

:- Angry II

(:-( Very sad

(:^( Broken nose

(:<) Blabber mouth

:-(=) Big teeth

&:-) Curly hair

@:-) Wavy hair

?-( Black eye

*:* Messages about fuzzy things

*:** Messages about fuzzy things with


%-) Broken glasses

<:=| Monk/nun

(O-) Cyclops

(:-|K- Formal message

@%&$%& You know what this means

||*( Handshake offered

||*) Handshake accepted

<&&> Rubber chickens

><>< Argyle socks

2B|^2B Message about Shakespeare

(-_-) Smile

<{:-)} Message in a bottle

<:-)<<| Message from a space rocket

(:-... Heartbreaking message

<<<<(:-) Message from a hat salesperson

(O_< A fishy message

(:>-< Message from a thief: hands up!

--->--- A rose

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