Let the good times roll……..

What a life I’m having
Feeling real content
Glad that Herbert left me
Such a great event….

Now I can just sit here
Do just what singles do
Make no mistakes my darlin
I need prime time too….

But boy have I sure had it
With men and all that jazz
Want to start unwinding
Catch up on new fads….

Love these ear muffs baby
The sound is sure divine
Nice and soft and comfy
Warming at same time…..

Opps I didn’t see you
I don’t want to be rude
How ya doin honey
For now I must conclude…..

This is my new beginning
I’m gonna have some fun
Gonna let the good times roll
My housewife days are done.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
?used with permission, June 30, 2002

PSP met de mutsen…..

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  1. bumblebeelief

    7 april 2005 at 10:24

    ik neem deze mee naar mijn paag….

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