7 reasons why it is important to study history

History of a person, thing, component or a country is very essential to study as it provide the past information; help in understanding the present and in improving the future.

Why we study history

There are various reasons for the study of history in schools and colleges. They include the following reasons.


  1. Transferable skills

History provides the learners with various skills which they are not conversant with in the study of the past. It provides the skills of analysis and interpretation of the data and phenomena available through research findings. These skills enable the students to take various research-based projects which are very vital while in school. The skills too can serve as an entry to employment opportunities for many students who qualify in these researches. For instance it provides an opportunity for one to become an archaeologist.

  1. History is relevant

History is crucial as it a allow one to know the past, understand the present and improve the future. For better improvement of a certain event or a culture, one needs to learn more on the past history associated with it to provide sufficient evidence and provide the reasons behind its occurrence. This forms a root for the present and future adjustments of the various events and phenomena. Therefore everything that surrounds us is greatly influenced by the past history and its results are directly pierced to the recent actions and behaviors.

  1. History degree is an investment in the future

Studying history in various universities provide one with the opportunity to acquire and hold a degree which will secure in future investment. The history degree can be impressive and admirable in upholding the curriculum vitae (CV). This helps one to work in various sectors which need history experts. Additionally, one can be able to take additional courses using the undergraduate degree in history. History as therefore assisted most students undertaking it with variety of career opportunities.

  1. Combined courses

History offers combination with various subjects of study in the university level when undertaking a degree. One can be able to study a subject in combination with history either through the direct linkage of some ideas and topics or can take it indirectly whereby two subjects are necessary for one to accomplish the degree study. For instance, one can combine mathematics and history, languages and history, music and history, and even geography and history. The subject such as geography has a direct linkage with history as the physical and human factors shows the occurrence of the past events.

  1. A degree in History encourages independence

The study of history has endorsed young people with independent minds. Young students graduating from universities with the degree in history have been able to inquire about the past and develop some potential theories which are in line with other theories of thought. While in school, they provide ample time to their lecturers and tutors as most teach for few ours and the rest is left for them to do more research about the past. This has led to lots of discoveries and innovations as most of the past knowledge is used to improve on the present and the future. Most students will be able to improve on the reading skills and the subject will be dominated by self-sufficiency which will make them to become independent students.

  1. Studying History provides cultural awareness

Studying history provides various cultural histories of people from various parts of the world. Through its study, a student can be able to understand why certain practice various ways of life.  Too, a student can be able to realize why some people are divided into classes and castes and even why racism continued to exist even after the slavery was abolished. The history of a given community provide a vivid reasons for one to get justified for the occurrence of a given event more especially the traditional norms performed in specific places. Therefore, one gets to understand the existence of certain norms, actions and taboos of a given community, society and the world at large. The political influence is much attributed to the cultural beliefs of a given society and more especially on the power and authority gains can be well studied through the history of that community

  1. A history degree allows one to learn from the past

Considering human history, there are various patterns which are repetitive. The habit of the human nature is astounding in the ignorance of the major contributing factors which can easily lead to war or hatred.  According to history, anything that had occurred in the past will just repeat itself through the manifestation of the human action. For instance the charismatic leaders who existed in the past never stopped but rather there are recent political and religious leaders who have taken after them.

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