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Feelings about tea??

Een schrijfopdracht waaraan mijn vrouw meedeed...schrijf een reclamespotje voor een product wat je echt niet lekker vindt. Douwe Egberts heeft dit artikel ook gelezen, en stuurde als dank ijsthee...veel leesplezier: Johan

by bianca_b, 15th June 2001.

Writing a commercial is not easy,but will it sell???

Focus in, on a castle, somewhere in The Netherlands.
In that castle are people trying to lose some weight.
In one of the rooms, there is a man lying on a massage table.
He tries to relax, and is waiting for the masseuse.

(music is building up an exiting atmosphere)
The masseuse comes in, takes a bottle from a shelf.
Then, at that moment, a waiter comes in,
With a refreshment in his hands.
He takes the bottle over, from the masseuse
Opens the bottle?
Puts a lot of cold oil on the man?s back?(reaction:)
The man shook up, the reaction is a kind of stressed
It is taking time to calm him down again
And when he does, he sees the refreshment.

He takes a zip of his drink
Forgets what just has happened,
You?ll see him relaxing again

? Pickwick Lemon Ice Tea. There is no better way to cool down?.

(zoom out)
The masseuse starts to give the man a massage.

Package shows up.
Text appears: ?Now also available in the flavours Peach, and Green Tea.?? Copyright Bianca Boonstra, 15-6-2001.
All rights reserved

Note from the author: Pickwick ice tea is a well selling product. The assignment told us to write a commercial for a product I didn't like. The tea is too sweet, in my opinion, but I hope that won't effect your opinion.

Thanks Candice923, for bringing this challenge to us.http://www.writtenbyme.com/content/50173

met toestemming van de auteur.

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